Natural Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding

Many of our brides ask us for “natural bridal makeup”.  But while many may use the same words they do not all look the same nor do they have the same makeup look as another of our clients.  Makeup is not something where there is a one size fits all (or at least there shouldn’t be!).

My personal opinions on “instagram makeup” aside I believe that natural can often mean something totally different from one person to the next.  Natural bridal makeup to me is something where the bride to be feels like she looks like herself – so if you wear black eyeliner every day you should probably consider wearing it on your wedding day too but if you don’t there’s no pressure to do so!  We become used to seeing ourselves a certain way with our “face” on and that becomes our natural look.


One of our most requested natural bridal makeup looks.

Shot by John Nassari

While of course for your wedding day you want to look like yourself just better (our second most common request!) having a makeup artist create a natural, glowing version of you is what a lot of women really want.  Though we find many come to us believing they need to wear so much more makeup as they will be photographed on the day.  While to an extent this is true and likely by default of a makeup artist doing your makeup instead of yourself you do not need to look nor feel caked in makeup for the big day.  Most of your photographs will be taken in natural light and not studio lighting so you will not loose as much colour as you would in this environment.

Longevity is also a primary concern with another myth that if we pile the makeup on it will last a lot longer which is false.  We tend to find lots of thin layers sit better on the skin allowing products to absorb into the skin instead of sitting heavily on top therefore creating a much more natural bridal makeup look.

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Get to Know us: Sana

Our platinum artist Sana joined The Tori Harris Pro Team for the 2018 wedding season – new to London from Vancouver we’re so excited to have Sana with us!
Name: Sana 
(my friends call me Sana-Banana)
How long have you been doing hair & makeup?
I started doing hair and makeup right out of high school. I was self-taught from the beginning and it wasn’t until after I had already started freelancing that I decided to get my formal training. I graduated University with a business degree at first, and later went back to school for my makeup and hair training. In total, I have 10 years of experience doing hair and makeup.
What are your career highlights?
Growing up in Vancouver, I’ve been really lucky to be in a city where there are so many productions that take place. I’ve worked on a number of TV sets and also had the honour of doing Toronto Fashion Week for a couple of Canadian designers.
In 2014 I officially started my mobile hair and makeup company in Vancouver, Makeup in Session. We won a Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award in 2016 recognizing us as being one of the top hair and makeup providers in Vancouver. At the end of 2017 I moved to London to grow my business and my career and so far I haven’t regretted a day of it!
Why do you love working on weddings?
I love every facet of weddings; from the gowns, to the florals to the jewelry. I’m such a girlie girl, and I just love chatting with my brides about their color palettes, and what style of hair or makeup they should do to compliment their gown and their venue. None of it actually feels like work to me. I have so much fun when I do weddings, and I find it such a privilege to be able to share in a bride’s big day with her. I’ve met some of the sweetest clients through weddings, and made some life-long connections with people. And to be able to help someone make their wedding day dream come true is such a blessing and honestly makes me so happy.
What are your must-have products in your kit?
I am obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wands – I use to bronze and add a bit of dimension.
My fail-proof foundations by Face Atelier are a big one for me, I can’t do a makeup without them!
Fancy name dropping some celebrities or big publications you’ve worked on?
For TV shows, I’ve worked on Legends of Tomorrow and X-Files.
In terms of celebrities, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and also doing makeup on Sarah Paulson from American Horror Story and Danielle Panabaker from TV Series The Flash. More recently, I made up actress and model Anita Kaushik from Britain’s Next Top Model.

Get to Know us: Danielle

Our platinum artist Danielle has been a part of The Tori Harris Pro Team since 2016 in that time she’s worked with over fifty brides to be in the UK, Italy, France and even India!

Name: Danielle


How long have you been doing hair & makeup?

I’ve been a freelance hair and makeup artist in London for 4 years now and absolutely love my job!

I did my makeup training with ‘BAFTA award winning artist’ Louise Constad, and then went onto work for NARS in Selfridges for a year, gaining experience through assisting other well known artists on high end fashion and editorial shoots.

Tori Harris herself trained me in bridal hair styling, she’s a fabulous teacher! After becoming a member of her Pro Team, I was able to put my skills in hair into practise very quickly and have learnt so much since.

What are your career highlights?

One of my main career highlights was while working for Tori’s Pro Team. A Bride I had previously worked with in the UK, invited me to her home in Delhi, India to do her hair/makeup for an entire week of wedding celebrations. Each event was absolutely breathtaking, with such vibrant colours in the most exotic place. I will never forget getting her ready on her wedding morning- it was such a unique experience.

Why do you love working on weddings?

I love working with Brides because I get to share the most magical morning of someone’s life with them, and often get to hang out with all their family and friends too! I enjoy working under pressure as there’s always a few nerves and anticipation involved and I definitely thrive in that atmosphere.

I enjoy getting to know the current trends in bridal hair and makeup, and while a relaxed more natural look is definitely my style, I look forward to getting to hear your inspiration and ideas for your big day and working with you to create your dream look.

What are your must have products in your kit?

I’m a huge fan of Nars products and absolutely cannot live without their ‘Laguna’ Bronzer- it suits every skin tone! I also adore Laura Mercier’s radiance primer as it helps give that perfect bridal glow.

Fancy name dropping some celebrities or big publications you’ve worked on?

I’ve recently worked with Talia Storm (E4’s Celebs Go Dating) and have also worked on HELLO! Fashion Magazine with lots of familiar faces! One of my highlights from last year was getting to do hair and makeup for the British Editor of Vogue in her hotel room at Claridges!

My bridal work has been featured in some top wedding blogs (Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge) and Absolutely Weddings Magazine.


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Get to Know us: Tori

At The Tori Harris Pro Team it’s really important to us that you get to know and like the hair and makeup artist you’re booking for your wedding day.  To help you get to know our artists we’ve all filled out a little questionnaire with some of the questions we’re asked most frequently!


This week it’s the turn of agency founder Tori Harris.

Name: Tori 

Fun fact my full name is Victoria not Tori – a lot of people don’t seem to make the connection!

How long have you been doing hair & makeup?

I graduated university in 2011 (so seven years ago at the time of writing this!) My degree was in hair and makeup so I trained for three years before I became a freelance hair and makeup artist which I guess leads me to a grand total of a decade worth of experience now!

What are your career highlights?

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in some really awesome projects – I worked at The Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 making up the waitresses serving the dinner – while I wasn’t there working on the royal family it was so fun to be involved in something so big so early on in my career!  Since then I’ve worked on a variety of TV shows and been featured in a whole host of magazines but I think my proudest moment was probably opening The Boutique & Co in 2016! I opened a wedding shop in Fulham as a space to have brides to be come for their pre-wedding trials and since then it has grown and lead onto so many wonderful opportunities such as designing our own bridesmaids dress collection.


Why do you love working on weddings?

Being a part of someones special day is such a privilege, I absolutely love getting to know and hanging out with each and every one of my brides and their bridal parties.  The wedding morning itself so often doesn’t even feel like work because I am having so much fun chatting and laughing with all your girls – while doing a bit of hair and makeup and keeping a very sharp eye on the clock!  Often with all the stresses of planning a wedding you can forget what’s important but on the wedding day none of it matters as you know you’re getting married today! It’s just such a magical mood and atmosphere that cannot be recreated anywhere else.

What are your must have products in your kit?

Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream is my go to skin & lip saviour, I literally swear by it.  I am also completely obsessed with Illamasqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette – it’s a gel bronzer that I use for contouring and it’s literally magic!

Fancy name dropping some celebrities or big publications you’ve worked on?

TV wise I’ve worked on a lot of the day time shows such as This Morning and Loose Women.  At the moment I am working with Jo Frost (who formally appeared on Super Nanny) whenever she’s in the UK!

How to choose your wedding hair and makeup artist

How to pick your bridal hair and makeup artist.

Wedding planning can at times feel overwhelming – there are so many options for everything! In recent years the wedding industry has flourished which is amazing when you’re looking for that one really niche or specific thing – the great news is this probably exists now! However when you’re trying to pick a photographer or a hair and makeup artist or another important service it also means there are hundreds of options so how do you know which to pick?

Leading bridal hair and makeup artist Tori Harris shares her top tips on how to pick the artist right for you.

There are so many hair and makeup artists these days it can sometimes be really hard to know where to start when selecting someone to use on your big day. Whether you’ve got a recommendation from a friend who is already married or you’re looking on google there are a few key things that I think are important to bare in mind:

• Style
• Personality
• Price
• Professionalism


Does the hair and makeup artist you’re looking at have images of similar hairstyles/makeup looks that you’re looking for? This is quite a challenging one as we all tend to just look at the pretty models and brides on peoples websites and think they’re amazing so try not to look at the person but more at the actual makeup and hair.

Trials aren’t cheap and so you don’t want to have multiple trials with different artists trying to find someone who can achieve the look you’re going for. Also if you’re wanting to wait until closer to the wedding to have your trial – perhaps because you’re trying to grow your hair – you will most likely have to pay a deposit to hold the wedding date in your chosen artist diary so you want to be sure you’ve selected the right artist. If you’re looking for a really heavily contoured makeup look it’s best to book someone with plenty of examples of this – that’s not to say another artist couldn’t do this look but makeup artists tend to have a portfolio representative of our favourite looks and the ones we feel most comfortable creating. Likewise if you’re looking for a really loose and romantic up do look for someone who has examples of this on their website – it doesn’t have to be the exact style you want but along the same lines is a great place to start.

Don’t be afraid to email a potential artists a selection of images of the look you’re going for so that they can advise if they’d be able to recreate this for you. Although it’s hard to tell prior to meeting you and seeing you hair and or skin in person you can quickly suss out if what you’re looking for is within their skill set.


This one you can’t tell from a website. While you can get an idea of what someone might be like from their reviews or manner of typing I really recommend giving your artist a call and having a chat about your hair and makeup and how things will work on the wedding day. This person is going to be there with you and your nearest and dearest on the day at a time when you will feel particularly nervous so they need to be someone who makes you feel comfortable. It’s incredibly intimate doing someones hair and makeup for a wedding at The Tori Harris Pro Team we take time to ensure we not only offer artists with a high standard of hair and makeup but also who are calming, work well under pressure and keep an eye on the time! We take it as our responsibility to make sure you’re ready on time including giving bridesmaids a cheeky nudge when it’s time to go and get ready!


Weddings can be really expensive and everyone ultimately has a set amount of money they can spend. While I would be cautious of anything that sounds to good to be true prices do vary throughout the industry. Most hair and makeup artists are independent traders or small boutique agencies like The Tori Harris Pro Team. For example we have four pricing options available – our

cheapest option being our artists who are newest to the industry – this doesn’t always mean new hair and makeup artists many have worked in TV or film but we feel you need a unique skill set to work on weddings so we always ensure our more experienced artists are not only amazing hair and makeup artists but know the whole wedding morning process inside out! That said – just because someone is really expensive doesn’t always mean they are the best or the right fit for you either. I would advise you to do some research on average costs in your area before you set a budget for hair and makeup as prices vary throughout the country some of the figures present in bridal press can be misleading.


This ties into my previous point to some extent, remember how I said some deals are too good to be true well your wedding day isn’t the day to find this out the hard way. You’re relying on this person to arrive on time, complete their job on time and to the highest standard that they can. As a bridal hair and makeup artist you can’t have an off day at work because that day is someones most important day! I usually recommend booking a hair and makeup artist who is used to do doing weddings, who has a proven track record of turning up on time and getting brides ready on time! A lot happens during your wedding morning and I’ve heard many a horror story of people running off schedule or their makeup artist tucking into the champagne too! We always send out a timetable prior to our weddings so not only do we know exactly where we’re supposed to be at what time – so do you! When you’re enquiring with hair and makeup artists look for those who reply promptly to emails during working hours. At your trial your artist should also be on time and prepared – if not this is a huge warning sign that things may go wrong on the day too. You are putting a lot of trust and money into all of your wedding suppliers so you want to ensure you’re going to get what you have booked.

Hopefully this gives you a little guidance on who to book for your bridal hair and makeup. Having your hair and makeup done for your wedding is such a wonderful and fun experience you just want to ensure you have the right artist for you there on the day!  If you need more advice check out our definitive guide to booking your hair and makeup artist.