Four Seasons, Hampshire Wedding Hair & Makeup

Four Seasons Hampshire Bridal Hair & Makeup

Throwing it back to summer 2018 today for this adorable couple we had the pleasure of working with last year!  Caroline Sian Weddings contacted us to see if we could look after her clients Tracey and Louise for their wedding day.  We sent Tori to look after Tracey at The Four Seasons in Hampshire and Olta met Louise at Northbrook Park where the wedding took place to do hair and makeup there!

Tracey gave us this amazing feedback:

“Tori is a fantastic hair and make-up professional who was a hugely calming influence on my wedding day! She was super friendly and chatty during both my trial and on the day, helping to ease my stress. She reworked my hair several times during the trial until I was fully happy. I loved the way she did my make-up; she listened to how I liked to wear my make -up and then made me up better than I ever could! I highly recommend her – she’s easy going and funny, punctual and excellent at her job.”

Their photographs were taken by the wonderful Kristida


Annie – Magdalene College Cambridge

Cambridge Bridal Hair & Makeup.

Annie was another bride who booked Louise Perry to plan her wedding who in turn recommend The Tori Harris Pro Team for hair and makeup.  I love travelling up to Cambridge for weddings -it’s where I grew up so I know the city well and love having an excuse to go back!

Annie went for a half up half down style – her hair was filled out with some amazingly natural hair extensions by Fox & Vamp  We plaited the half up style and then filled it with fresh flowers by from the wonderful Blue Sky Flowers. (Who more memorably for me helped my get my car out of the worlds tightest spot between a brick wall and sheer drop into the river – thank you Liz, you dream! Your driving skills are far superior to mine!!)

Annie’s makeup was natural as she doesn’t wear much and wanted to fill comfortable on the day.

Annie left us this lovely feedback: Tori was brilliant, doing exactly the natural looking hair and make up right from the outset, and giving me advice on how to get the look I wanted (eg hair extensions). She gave me a few looks before so I knew exactly what I wanted on the day. On the day she was super punctual, had us all ready in time and was a lovely presence to have in the room with us



How to choose your bridal makeup

When thinking about your bridal hair and makeup it can often be hard to decide what is the best look to go for.  Many things about your wedding day will be different from the norm – for a start most of us don’t frequently wear a dress resembling a wedding dress!  However while most of these changes from the norm should be embraced your bridal hair and makeup should still feel like you.  Your wedding isn’t a fancy dress or costume event, it’s you! At The Tori Harris Pro Team we think you should feel as amazing as you look. So how do you decide what to ask your artist for?

Where to find bridal makeup inspiration?

Pinterest is an incredible tool, generally we recommend not spending too long looking at bridal makeup inspiration – founder Tori explains why: “When we look for pictures of makeup it is often hard to see past the attractiveness of the woman being photographed and often I find brides haven’t really dissected what it is about the makeup they like instead they just want to look like the image.  I often try and talk to brides in detail about the makeup look they’ve selected and how they usually wear their makeup to see if the two are actually aligned or if they’ve just picked a picture of Miranda Kerr because she’s absolutely stunning!”

What bridal makeup look should you have?

As an agency our mantra is you but better!  We like to get to know our clients and work out how they usually wear their makeup and how we can adapt this to make it special for the wedding day.  It is important to us that we ensure  feel you comfortable, like you look like yourself.  Of course everyone wants to look better than they do on a daily basis and we’re all about the subtle changes that really enhance your features.

Should I have fake lashes?

We love fake lashes but that doesn’t mean you have to have them – again it’s such a personal choice! If you’re thinking about having lash extensions which do make a fabulous treat for honeymoon too we recommend Fox & Vamp who are really local to us in SW London and regularly do Tori’s lashes for her – a true recommendation!

Sarah – Gosfield Hall Wedding Hair and Makeup Essex

Gosfield Hall Wedding Hair and Makeup Essex

In December just days before Christmas Olta of the Pro Team was in Essex at the stunning Gosfield Hall for Sarah’s stunning winter wedding.  Sarah first discovered The Tori Harris Pro Team when she visited The Boutique & Co, where our studio is based.  Having found her bridesmaids dresses with us at The Boutique she went on to book us for her hair and makeup and bought her hair piece from Victoria Millésime.

Olta created this stunning soft up do for Sarah for her Essex wedding which worked perfectly with her elegant hair vine and veil and simply stunning wedding dress.

Everything about Sarah’s wedding was just so classy we cannot get enough!

Their photographer was Lee Allison


Should I have hair extensions for my wedding?

Image from Fox & Vamp

Probably one of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to hair styling is whether we think our brides should wear hair extensions.  For some people they know they've got thinner hair and their Pinterest inspiration picture has long thick hair so they're already aware they need hair extensions they're just not sure on the right ones for others the world of hair extensions is a new one and it can be quite daunting.

There are so many options available when looking at hair extensions it can be hard to know where to start and also which to go for! We've broken down your options below and Tori's shared her person opinion with us.

No hair extensions

Your first options is to opt to not have hair extensions in your hair.  If you're blessed with thick locks this may well be an easy choice to make but if you're toying with the idea of extensions it can be harder.  If you have thinner or shorter hair extensions will add not just length but body too - even if you're having an up do they can be useful to ensure the bun looks beautifully full.  If you opt to go without extensions you may have to sacrifice a little bit of size or detail in the up do - this is absolutely not a problem but try and find some inspiration pictures for thinner hair so you can be more realistic with what you will achieve - ensuring you go for a style which is flattering to your hair type.

Clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions are amazing - you just wear them when you need them and they're a fraction of the cost of permanent hair extensions.  The do come with a couple of downsides; firstly they can be tricky to put in if you don't know what you're doing and therefore you may find you only wear them on the wedding day.   If you're wearing your hair down and your hair is a different length to the hair extensions you'll need to head to your hair dresser and have the extensions cut into your hair prior to your wedding day.  For up do's clip in extensions can be easily hidden at the back of the hair however if your hair is finer around the front and this is where you'd like to add volume another option may be better suited for you.


Permanent Hair Extensions

We send our brides looking for hair extensions in the direction of London hair extension specialist Fox & Vamp.  They offer two options; tape hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions.  During your free consultation they can take you through what method suits your hair type and also works best with the hairstyle we'd be looking to create on the wedding day.  The advantages of permanent hair extensions are that you can have lots of tones and shades running through your hair for a really natural looking colour which also looks amazing in an up do, you can also have hair added to yours much closer to the front of your hair and then cut into your style to create beautiful framing of the face. Also if you've got lots of events in the run up to your wedding you'll have fabulous looking hair for all of these and your honeymoon too!