Real Wedding Hair Up Insipriation

We dove through the archives to bring you our favourite bridal or bridesmaids hair up from real life Tori Harris Pro Team brides and bridesmaids!  The’s wedding day perfect styles are just a selection of the styles our team can create for you and your bridal party but we’ve tried to pick a selection that shows off the biggest variety!  You can also check out our mini shoot on bridal hair up inspiration.


If you’d like a quote from The Tori Harris Pro Team for your wedding hair please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 


Bridal/Bridesmaids Hair Up Inspiration

Thinking of having your hair up for your wedding day but not sure what sort of up do to go for?  At The Tori Harris Pro Team we got together for a day to create some different up-do’s to help inspire our brides to be for their wedding day!  You can also catch our bridal hair up “real weddings” post too to see some of our favourite up do’s in action on the wedding day!

Whether you’re thinking loose and messy or tight and sleek or just somewhere in-between we’ve got you covered!

How to find Pinterest inspiration that will actually suit you for hair and makeup

Navigating Pinterest Bridal Hair and Makeup Inspiration

It’s not an easy task.  There are SO many pictures on Pinterest and they all look amazing, but how do you know what will look good on you?  What is realistic? Has it been photoshopped?

Pinterest Wedding Hair Inspiration

The cons:

  • Almost all styles you can only see one angle – from the back. You have no idea how this style looks from the front.
  • So many of the styles are created on blonde hair or brunette with a lot of highlights – up do’s look far better in hair with multiple tones through it. If you don’t have this it won’t look the same
  • A lot of the styles are created in a studio set up and not designed to last all day.  Your wedding is a long day so you need something beautiful and secure – you don’t want it falling out on the dance floor!
  • Many will be packed full of extensions so consider the additional cost of extensions and if you’re willing to have them.

The Pros:

  • There is endless inspiration! There are so many pictures to inspire you and make you consider something different to what you have had before.
  • You can see how various styles look with different hair accessories, different dresses and many other considerations.

Pinterest Wedding Makeup Inspiration

The cons:

  • You probably don’t look exactly like the model in the photograph (unless she’s your identical twin!) so the makeup will probably look quite different on you
  • It may be quite different to what you normally do and therefore it may not feel like you.

The Pros:

  • You’ll consider colours you may not normally consider
  • You can describe to your makeup artist what you do or don’t like about the makeup in the picture enabling them to have a clearer idea of what you’re looking for.

How to avoid the pitfalls of searching for hair and makeup looks online

  • Try and look for inspiration pictures with similar skin/hair colouring to you.
  • Look for similar eye shapes to you – this is harder as most models will have an almond shape. But look for makeup inspiration on hooded eyes if you have hooded eyes.
  • Be realistic – if it looks like they have loads of hair expect you may need to be open to extensions
  • Know what it will look different on you and will need to be tweaked to flatter your features

Hair and Makeup Advice for Destination Weddings

I’m getting married abroad – bridal hair and makeup help!

If you’re getting married abroad you have a couple of options for your bridal hair and makeup – they’re the same as getting married in the UK fundamentally. You can either pay a professional to help you with your hair and makeup or you can do it yourself.  When you’re planning a destination wedding of course you have two options in the professional category – you can either go for a local artist or you can fly over a UK artist.

Hire a professional or do your own bridal makeup?

As a professional I am obviously a bit biased and think you should probably hire a professional! Though I totally understand that this isn’t feasible for everyone.  If you are considering doing your own bridal hair and/or makeup I really recommend having a makeup lesson first. Not only will you learn some new tricks, techniques and how to do that elusive eyeliner you never quite managed! You’ll also learn what products would be best for a destination wedding where the weather may be much hotter (or colder) than the UK standard.  We can also do hair styling lessons and teach you how to create that perfect wave with GHD’s and create a beautiful style you can recreate yourself.

If you’re not sure you want to do your own hair and makeup we don’t blame you! Hiring a professional for your wedding morning is a real treat.  All you have to do is get up, have a shower and relax! Everything else is taken care of for you – and what better excuse than your wedding day to feel like a bit of a celebrity!

Hire a local hair and makeup artist of fly someone out?

So this often depends on your wedding destination – in Italy for example the cost of hair and makeup is generally far higher than it is in the UK so even including the cost of travel to fly someone over it often still works out cheaper.  For other locations the cost is sometimes more even or it is slightly more expensive to fly over an artist.  There are still pro’s to doing so however, for a start you can have a trial in the UK at a time that suits you and not a week before the wedding when you arrive at your destination.  Secondly you’ll speak the same language as your artist so you can clearly explain the look you want and if you don’t like something!

Do I need to change my makeup for a destination wedding?

So, do you remember last summer (2018) when it was like 10000000 degrees every day in the UK!? You’d put your makeup on, walk outside and sweat it all off?  Well. Yeah.  You do need to change up your makeup for a destination wedding!  We tend to use a lot drier products, more powders than creams etc as this doesn’t get slippy on the surface of your skin.  We’ve also got some serious setting sprays and other tricks up our sleeves (you didn’t think we were going to spill all our secrets did you?!)

Four Seasons, Hampshire Wedding Hair & Makeup

Four Seasons Hampshire Bridal Hair & Makeup

Throwing it back to summer 2018 today on the blog, oh the memories of that sweltering heatwave! For this adorable couple we had the pleasure of working with last year their wedding day was no exception it was seriously hot!

We met Tracey and Louise when Caroline Sian Weddings contacted us to see if we could look after their hair and makeup needs for their wedding day.  We had Tori look after Tracey at The Four Seasons in Hampshire and Olta met Louise at Northbrook Park (where the wedding took place) to do hair and makeup there!

As we gazed out of the window at The Four Seasons the usually beautifully manicured green lawns were parched and brown, as was most of the UK! The sun shone in through the window, it was another perfect summers day and while we were probably a degree or two too warm absolutely no one dared complain.  I loved 2018… almost all of my weddings were dry, beautiful days!

Tracey gave us this amazing feedback:

“Tori is a fantastic hair and make-up professional who was a hugely calming influence on my wedding day! She was super friendly and chatty during both my trial and on the day, helping to ease my stress. She reworked my hair several times during the trial until I was fully happy. I loved the way she did my make-up; she listened to how I liked to wear my make -up and then made me up better than I ever could! I highly recommend her – she’s easy going and funny, punctual and excellent at her job.”

Making me blush Tracey! Thank you so much, I absolutely loved spending the morning with you and your family. You were a total delight to work with!

Tracey also wore a stunning hair piece by Victoria Millésime which she picked out during her trial at The Boutique & Co. 

Their photographs were taken by the wonderful Kristida