The Definitive Guide to Wedding Hair and Makeup Training

You've chosen to become or perhaps already are a hair and makeup artist and you want to break into the elusive wedding hair and makeup industry.  There is no right or wrong way to achieve this but here we've shared some of our top tips on how to do this.

Where to start?

Knowledge is power.  Your skills and ability to create the desired hair and/or makeup look are by far the most important part of your business.  Your first step is to work out what training courses you want to do.  At The Tori Harris Pro Team we offer an intensive one day, one to one training session.  This is primarily targeted at people who aren't complete novices and have completed some training already.   A note from Tori " I completed a similar course myself over a decade ago and to be honest the one to one attention formed part of the most valuable part of my training (I did a 3 year degree first which didn't compare!).  Having someone watching me and correcting any bad habits I had in that session really transformed the way I worked both in my ability but also in my efficiency."

What to look for?

When you're selecting a course it needs to be right for you, is it going to focus on the skills that you need? Is it going to be valuable to you?  There is no point in spending hours focusing on something you can already do, or that you'll never use.  Have an honest conversation with yourself, what are the core skills you need to know - this can be as simple as becoming confident in GHD curling or maybe you need to focus on up-do's.  Ensure you're learning from someone who is creating the sorts of styles you think are popular and you would like to create.

What is the process?

So you've chosen to train with The Tori Harris Pro Team in wedding hair and makeup - congratulations we think you've made a fantastic choice! 😉  Here's what happens next...

We'll get your chosen date booked in and send out our booking form.  On the form you'll be asked some questions to ascertain your current skill level and points of weakness. We'll also asses what your core interests are so we can tailor the entire course specifically to  you.

What happens on the day?

Our training courses run from 10AM-4.30PM.  We'll break for lunch in the middle which is provided as part of the course cost. We'll eat lunch together so you can ask any questions you'd like to during this time.  Bridal hair and makeup is as much about your skill as an artist as it is being prepared for everything that can happen on the wedding day and knowing how to guide a bride seamlessly through the morning.

What happens after?

Many of the people who train with Tori go on to earn a spot on the team, this is not guaranteed as part of the course and even those successfully chosen to be on the team will start by assisting rather than running their own weddings.  Assisting is an amazing way to refine your skills and become much quicker.  Before taking on brides you need to know you can perfectly and efficiently create their desired style and have the knowledge of a wedding morning to anticipate their needs.

How do I book?

If you'd like to book your training course, find out more about pricing or date availability head to our Bridal Hair and Makeup Training Courses page.  Alternatively you can drop us an email at where we can discuss your needs in more depth.