All trials Elevate Bridal trials take place at our  beautiful space in The Boutique & Co. in Fulham, SW London.   Your trial is your chance to see your hair and makeup ideas come to life – we ask that you come prepared with a good idea of what you want and some images to portray this.  Your artist will create your chosen look and then together you can work out any tweaks and changes you may wish to make.  We don’t recommend using your trial to try 2 or 3 different looks – your hair will become hard to work with as well as your scalp tender and removing and redoing eye makeup can prove challenging on the second application. Of course we also understand that sometimes the vision in your mind doesn’t translate to reality so you may need to try something else. Unless we have used any of our own extensions in your hair to create your style you’re welcome to leave us with your hair and makeup complete to see how you get on throughout the day, of course if you’ve tried a few things and decided a previous look was the one for you things make not be quite as they will be on the day.  Your artist will talk through with you some things they may choose to do differently on the day – for example set in rollers first thing.  This is completely normal and part of our artists getting to know your hair and skin type.

Hair and makeup trials usually last around 2 hours – sometimes they are slightly more sometimes less it depends on each individual bride.  We will book time between each client so your trial can run over the two hour mark if needed, we wont be rushing you out!


The Boutique & Co. is stocked with beautiful products from a hand picked selection of other wedding suppliers a so there is plenty to browse while you’re here! The Boutique is co-owned by Tori and Victoria Millesime who creates stunning hair accessories for you to try during your trial if you are unsure of what accessories to go for and need some inspiration.  We also have a full range on veils available to order through The Boutique or to try during your trial to get the full effect!

Your can find us at 273 Wandsworth Bridge Road, London, SW6 2TX.  We’re the beautiful wedding shop not the flat next door which is also number 273!  Our door is always open – there’s no need to ring a buzzer.

To prepare yourself for the trial we recommend you come wearing your everyday makeup with your hair clean and dry – we’ll let you know if you need to wash it on the wedding day for a blow dry.  It is really helpful if you collect a number of pictures prior to the day of both things you do and don’t like so we can get a feel for the style you are going for. It is also helpful to see pictures of yourself when you have like your hair or makeup so we can see what makes you feel comfortable.

If you have any sensitivities or would just like to use certain products of your own we’re always happy to do this – we recommend you bring them along to the trial.

We look forward to seeing you soon!